Hello to all! A brief intro….

Welcome to my class blog. My name is Peter and this blog is set up for the class I’m taking titled Communicating on the Web. Basically, I just want to know more about the working’s about other thing’s beyond using blogger.com, even though I don’t mind using blogger.com.

I have been using the web in some fashion for the better part of 10 to 11 yrs. I also been doing webpages in some form for the 7 – 8 yrs. I have been in Fairbanks, Alaska for about 12 or so yrs.



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  1. *points at Jesse’s post* Don’t mind him, he’s just weird. Kinda like me. But aside from that, web design? Remind me to speak with you the next class. I am working on a site for a restaurant. Stumped on how to put it together as well. – Amanda

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