Yahoo! News – Lucas’ world comes full circle

If you’re a Star Wars fan, like a lot of people including me, are waiting for the next and final movie to come out; the Story. I really can’t wait to see it, and in a strange way I was hoping that there would 3 more movies after Empires Strikes Back. But then, trying to do 9 movies for Star Wars is too much to ask for.

I barley remember seeing the last 2 movies of the first trilogy when I was younger. I’ve always been a fan of Star Wars but I don’t have every little thing or wear some weird get up to some attention while waiting in line to get a movie tickets like some fans might do. But then there are people that like to do or be extreme things if there are fans of a specific movie/tv franchise’s.

Sometimes I’m amazed by the people who do extreme things, just for the sake of doing it but other’s like to get the attention.