weird weeks and the way people drive on the road…

Over the last several weeks has been weird or being odd. What I mean is that the week before spring break I wasn’t feeling good, but at least I didn’t get sick even mildly over spring break. Its just when the weather gets warmer during this time of year, people do seem to get bolder while driving, especially when there were some slick spots on the road.

Its just I wish people would drive more safely, but then I could possibly say the same thing about myself. Anyways, its just the way people drive without the care in the world, and really don’t care what happens to the other driver or drivers. I also don’t like people who speed up behind me then pass me and get yell (in so many words) me for driving so damn slow, even when I’m going the speed limit of whatever road I’m driving on.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that there are some drivers who drive so f—ing slow its unbelievable that driver would drive so slow and not possible realize there are people behind them, or just don’t care if there are people behind them who just need to go where their are going to. For example, beginning of this last week there was a slow driver in front of me on geist road and turned right onto chena ridge road and there was a whole line of cars behind me just itching to speed up the road. The person who was driving a white ford pickup, didn’t really care or at least to me, about people passing them. This happened at the bottom of the road, near the intersection of chena pump and chena ridge.

As I was saying about how the last 2 weeks went, its just that I didn’t get what I wanted to get done, well done and finished with or get current/up to date with my homework. Another thing I didn’t get around to do is to repair some drywall in one of the closets that I have in my home. I also wanted to get more bedroom more organized, among other things too.

2 of the 4 classes that I’m currently taking I really like taking, the first class I like taking is communications with the web with Chris Lott and the other class I like is ceramics which you can make just about everything within reason.

Speaking of school, I don’t know if I would be taking classes in the fall or not, but it depends on what classes that I need or want to take. But who knows what I would do in regards to classes that I might take.

later folks