Interesting stories about blogging, podcasting, and a couple other stories…

Below are links to articles that I’ve found on the web that relates to the Communications on the Web class – e.g. blogging to podcasting, music or worth mentioned on this blog. So, I thought of doing on post instead of several to save space and give my 2 cents of each story after each link. – AOL unveils blogging service for teens: In a way I’m glad AOL is doing this simply it would give parents some degree of control – I think – of how or to whom their kids share their blog with. At least their not banning blogs all together. – VoIP calls become iPod radio broadcasts: Just another twist that VoIP and IPods would intermingle and more entrenched into the public mind of sorts. – Gartner: Beware of Mac OS spyware: This was going to happen sooner or later whether or not dedicated Mac user’s wanted this to happen. Just need to be more careful in what is downloaded from the internet.

Yahoo! News – VH1 turns C-listers into retro-cool reality: Its just a story that I found and liked.

The Blog Herald – High school bans blogging: This just seems wrong but anything within reason to help protect kids at any age from predators that might pray on them. Plus, parents should try to be more involved in their kids lives, but parents go overboard though.

Wired News – Thief Swipes More Than a Laptop: This story should give a person another reason to keep tack of your own belongings such as laptop computers, especially if there’s a lot of personal data on the computer.

ABC News – Most American Adults Are Sleep-Deprived: People, including me, should take measures to get more sleep, and also improve on how you could manage your time better, which would help too, I think.

ABC News – Presley Dishes About Marriage to Jackson: Her marriage to M. Jackson still seems wrong to this day, even though they are no longer married to each other.

ABC News – CNN Headline News Passes MSNBC in Ratings: Its about time that Headline News get better rations with the new lineup in the evening.

I found these stories through the account that I have at, which I think is a good service, even though I did have a problem with it over this last week.

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