a problem with blogger…

Tonight, early this morning of April 6 -7 is one of very few times that I’ve noticed that blogger.com has put posts in a different order other than the time it was posted to this blog. The only way I could counter this problem of having out of order posting is to change the day and time of a single posting which does fix the problem. I just wonder if this a bug with blogger.com’s servers or what ever it might be, its just driving me bonkers when it does happen.

Plus, this is another reason why I’m going to move all of the posts here on this blog to new blog at the end of May. I’ll still have this blog up as a archive type thing for bit of time though.

laters all…


P.S. you might to check out this story about blogger.com on wired.com

(updated @ 2.26 am on 4.7.05)

One thought on “a problem with blogger…”

  1. Blogger still seems to be the free service of choice for those not comfortable with the LiveJournal setup, but it’s definitely not without its problems. It’s much stabler than it was before Google took over, but there seems to be some kind of glitch every few days, whether in commenting, general speed, whatever…

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