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Over the last several weeks I’ve came across articals relating to blogging in some fashion. There are some articles that relate to directly or indirectly to or to other blog applications. To me its interesting to see the viewpoints of how people view the various blogging software that’s currently availible for people to use.

The links in this post would be from a couple of sources that I found that I wanted to commented on. So, like I said in a eariler post that I would do a couple large link post, instead of several smaller posts.

* The Blog Herald – Comment spammers target Movable Type: This article talks about how spammers are targeting Movable Type.
* The Blog Herald – Google’s Blogger under fire for system outages: This talks about the problems going on at (side note: I’ve had intermenting gliches with since 2003).
* The Blog Herald – Understanding Blog Speak: A useful article for the beginners of blogging and of other applications.
* The Blog Herald – Blogging for Love or Money?: A post that just caught my interest, but read it if you like.
* The Blog Herald – Six Apart Announces Integration of MT/TypePad into Adobe Golive CS2: This nice for someone who uses both product’s in some fashion and who like’s both products.
* The Blog Herald – Google to enter video blogging market?: From what I could tell, this is one of several article’s that I’ve found on the net about Google entering into this market. They probaly would be 1 of several provider’s of vidro blogging by this time next yr.
* The Blog Herald – The blogoshere in cartoons: I like that I could cartoons by the way of this media.
* The Blog Herald – 10 DIY Blog platforms you may not have visited: In this post show’s you that there are options in hosting your own blog, which you can see what you like or not. This list is useful to reduce the options or choices you want to go with.

Here is an article on BBC’s website about ‘Geek Speek,’ their words not mine. Even I’m a little confused by some of these words in this article.

Anyways, enjoy reading any of these articles/posts and etc. if any get your attention.

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