“The Simpsons”: 16 Going on 350! – Yahoo! News

I found this story about The Simpsons which I got a chuckle out of it because I remember watching The Simpsons when it was on The Tracy Ullman Show back in the late ’80s. Plus, in a way I still can’t believe that this series has been on for so long too.

This is one of the show I try to remember on watching on consistent basis but turn to the channel on Sunday after the fact which sucks big time.

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Doing homework, school and life etc…

I don’t know why but for this past week, I just didn’t want to do any posts of any kind to this blog or any of the other blogs that I’ve on my site. I guess its partly due to the fact that my brother was in town last week, and in turn didn’t feel up to doing homework in any fashions to any great extent or do a lot of postings.

As I’m writing this post, that I’ve noticed or realized that I tend to a lot of posts during a several week periods then in other weeks I tend to whole lot less posts for a week or more.

Just that some of the time there things that I would like to talk about and such. Then there are other things that I don’t tend to get around to comment on or talk about anything in specific or in general. Plus, as the spring semester comes to a close at UAF, I tend to put off of doing homework as much as I can before everything is due before the next class starts the next week.

This is the first year that I’ve been at UAF that I’ve taken more than 9 credits during a semester. Like, for example, Fall 2004 I took 5 classes and now in Spring 2005 I’m taking 4 classes, in which I could do every year to get closer to my desired degree’s. However, in my case it depends greatly on what courses that I do register for the next term at UAF.

Like for the Fall 2005 term I’m planning to take at least 2 classes, 1 math class and a communications class. Though, I’m thinking of taking one more class, but just don’t know what else to take. I probably should have one more class next fall, but at this point I’m not sure that I really want to take 3 classes. But, then I’ll probably decide on what other classes I need when I go and talk to advisers about my class schedule for this coming fall.

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Sin City

I finally got around to seeing a movie at the local cineplex, haven’t been to movie at the theater say like in a good six months to 1 yr.

The that I was able to see and get into on a late Thursday night was SinCity with Bruce Willis. Its one of those movies where you need to be on time for to see. Not like 15 or 20 minutes late after the movie started, which happened with me, as I saw it with my older brother, who was in town this past week.

The movie itself was good, and it would’ve been better if I was able to see the beginning of the movie. This gives me a reason to see Sin City again in the afternoon when the ticket prices aren’t so high.

Plus, there are some other movies that I would like see but I might not cause of many reasons.