One thing…

I have noticed recently at various places, which I won’t name here, have, to a point, high-turnover in employment of people. Its unbelievable what the turnover is like at several places here in Fairbanks (AK).

Granted I could see where some people are coming from and the like. However, its not to much to say that it could be the management style of the business or people not fully doing the work at their place of employ.

But, then I could be asking for torture, since I could, however unlikely, that I’m thinking if the people at my old job would welcome me back or not, it could be worth a shot or not. Who knows in what could happen about that.

Anyways, as you might have noticed by this post I’m trying to get another job or at least I’m looking and putting in applications around town. Just haven’t heard back from a couple of places but I wasn’t expecting a call from those places anyway. I tend to like to put applications in when I can, just for the sake of trying at the possibility of getting hired on.

Plus, I like to work in groups most of the time and in other times alone.

At this point I’m babbling like a rabbit 😉

laters all