Glad school is almost out…

Well, I have one class to go to then I would be free from school for at least 2 weeks – maybe – still don’t know if I would be taking a class this summer for 6 weeks. Anyways, had the last class on Monday night which was fun but quiet to say the least.

Now the problem is working out my schedule for the fall term. I can’t decide if I want to take 3 classes or not. I might just 2 classes that I need to get out of the way this fall, think I’ll be talking to someone about class schedule for the fall.

Here I am babbling like a rabbit again.

Seems at this point while taking classes, school just seems to take forever to finish. Plus, there is way too much bullshit that’s happening in my life right now, including people giving me weird looks and giving me the bird for no apparent reason that I know of, no matter where I’m driving or walking to or from like I’m a fucking idiot or someone who’s downright insane who shouldn’t even be walking around.

I’ll just be glad when major changes in my life come to pass and hopefully leave Fairbanks, maybe after I get my degrees or sooner. Frankly, for some reason, I’m waiting for one or both provable (correct word ?) shoes to drop this summer. Now, I’m curious what’s really going to happen this summer and the rest of the year, just have to see as it happens. Anyways, I just have a feeling that something going to happen this summer, and it would be more than likely that it would something bad – not to bad that is. But, I could be wrong in this case.