lost and stray dogs

Late night of May 11 2005, there was a stray dog that was woundering the street in front the place where I’m currently staying at and this pictular dog was woundering the area for the last few days and last night this young small dog, must be a few yrs old, and didn’t look well either.

Anyways, what really bugs me so much is that dog owners let their dogs roam the streets or forgets that they left their dogs outside.

Back to what I was saying, this dog what looked like a terrior (sp?), has a white coat with a big brown spot on his ear and around his right eye, and with a blueish color with no tag. So, this dog started to hang around my home and finaly called up the Animal Shelter to see if there was a report of a missing dog matching this description but nothing close. Anyways, before I left to take this youngish dog to the shelter I started to feel really guiltly for taking this dog down to the shelter and even more so after leaving the shelter because this dog didn’t even want to stay. But even now I still feel guilty and really bad, sort of, for the owners of this dog by not knowing where their dog is, and what might happen to this dog if he doesn’t get a new home or return to his old home.

It just makes sick that in some cases that people don’t really care for their dog’s or other pets that they might have. They would just have pets for just because, which is no good reason at all.

maybe more to come…