things that suck the most

There are many things that suck big time. Like that one of my computer that I have, needed to be taken to a computer store to get fixed, and it would happen that it was a windows based computer that I had trouble with. As it turns out it was a bleasing in disquise (sp?), well I suppose it was, anyway, I thought it would be best if I took the computer in to a repair and do a clean, totaly freash install of the orginal(sp?) system software that came with the computer.

While my windows computer hasn’t been working properly for the last 4 to 6, it so happens that I let the email collect in my yahoo email account for the last 6 weeks. Most of the email anyway, like email groups that I belong to at Yahoo! Groups, and from other places too.

While my windows wasn’t working properly and while in the shop getting fixed, I’ve been my macintosh computer that I had been using before getting a gateway pc several years ago. After I’ve using my mac for the last 6 weeks, I realized why I got a windows pc, even though it would be useful and the like, its just that Macintosh computers are prefered in my home, that I just needed to get a new computer, even if its for the interm period before getting a new Macintosh computer.

Another thing that such is all of the smoke that has been in town because of the fire’s that are nearby. Today (8/18/05) majority of the smoke cleared out even though there is still some smoke lingering in the air. This happen’s after I picked up my windows pc a day before the smoke mostly cleared out of the surounding valley.

laters all


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