The possibilities of dreams

Below is from a dream that I had over the last couple of months, well since the beginning of the year that I could remember vividly enough to write it here. Enjoy.

Walking down a long dark, dimley lit, hall, the light source can’t be found nor seen. The hall itself is made of dark, very dark marble, granite, and other fine material, that a lines the floors, walls, celling, and the greek style colums are made from marble stone.

There is a wind that I have no idea of where the source is. This wind is strong enough to blow the overcoat or trench coat that I was wearing, waving behind me as I was walking towards a pair of floor to celling doors that looked heavy. These doors from what I could tell were also made from marble or from granite, and I knew it was possible for doors to made from that kind of stone, if not at all. As I approced these doors, they slowly opened up showing a bright light of some kind. This wasn’t one of those life and death type dreams and whatnot. From what I could recall it’s about the ending of a journey on one plain of life and expanding of what I know, would be considered as “growing up” of sorts in this life.

I might have walked through this set of doors in this dream and if I did, I might have felt differantly the next day to some degree.

After having this dream, I felt like there were some doors that have closed for an unknown weird reason. This dream is one of many dreams that I had, may not ever forget or I just might forget knowing my luck.

(Please note: This post may be edited at a later time. 🙂 )

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