life, school, such and a lot of bs…

I’m at a point in life that I don’t want to have too much going on with my life, but at this point I just want to have the simple things in life. Which brings me to school, sort of, that is, I just want to get a degree in a field that I want to study in but even then I just want to get done with collage over with. Though I don’t mind taking and going to classes, but its to the point I just want to leave the state of Alaska and have a degree of some kind when I do leave this …. state. But then I should be open to the possibility of never leaving the state of Alaska ever again, which if that happens, I just don’t know what I will do with my time, life, etc. But who knows what will happen over the next several years or so.

I just want to get back to the “lower 48” where I could just drive to whereever I want to go to, instead of flying. I’m the type of person that wants to have the simple things in life and stuff like that, but then it may not happen that way. I just have to see how things are turned out with school and wheather or not I’m able to move back to the “lower 48” or not.

later’s all 🙂

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I'm a non traditional college student seeking a degree in Community Development and I'm an amateur photographer.