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Well I’ve got another blog. Granted I don’t need another blog, I’ve had a couple other hosted on my site, but I thought of giving a try. It’s interesting so far when I first logged in. I planning to use it as a backup to this blog and this site, but I’ll see how things go for a while.

I tend to find that wordpress is the easiest to use and maintain, granted I’ve had trouble with the database got currupted shortly after I imported my posting that I made using, but hey things happen.


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I'm a non traditional college student seeking a degree in Community Development and I'm an amateur photographer.

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  1. If you want to use wordpress but don’t want to host your own then visit and submit your name and email address for a invitation to join it would be sent later. Hope it helps.


  2. Hello,

    I have been reading so much about WordPress in Europe but wondering how I can get registered. Any way you can help me? Thanks in advance Jan

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