adobe golive cs2… macromedia too

I wanted to try the new abobe golive cs2 and I thought it was ok. However I found the interface difficult to interact with, and seems to be more complecated to use. Also seems to hard to find thing’s that I wanted to get to. Though there is one thing I liked about golive cs2 is that it has more predefined style, templates than in dreamweaver. Speaking of dreamweaver I just hope that adobe doesn’t change the interface of macromedia products after the merger is complete.

Which in it self could be good or bad about the merger between Adobe and Macromedia. There is a lot of good software development coming out of Macromedia, and I hope they (adobe) would still deliver the same kind of quality of software after the merger is completed. As a user of Macromedia software like dreamweaver just hope things would improve lackluster parts of dreamweaver at some point.


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