School in the spring

Well, its about time to register for classes for the spring term. Even though I want to take classes in the spring term (spring 2006), but at this point I want to take a break from taking classes, and I don’t know if I should or not. I know I should take some classes in the upcoming school term.

Another problem, well not really a problem perse, well its about taking math classes that I might still need to take in order to get my degree in Art. Then there is another concern of the type of concertration in Art I want to do. Even though I want to computer art – which is offered under the B of Arts program, is just that it might only be offered in the interdispling studies college, and if that’s the case I might do my Art concertration in drawing then I would go somewhere else to work in computer art of some kind.

After nearly 2 1/2 to 3 yrs of taking classes I’m getting some burnout – just because I’m tired of taking classes at of the time. Granted some classes were fun, its the “but still” type mentallity that I’ve gotten into recently. Though if I do still take classes in the spring it might be just one or two classes. If I did that though it would take me longer to take classes. Tentativly I’m planning atleast 2 or 3 more years after this school year is over at UAF.

Though I do like taking classes, its just getting boring after the last year or so. As far as getting a job of some kind, which I’m trying to do at the present time. I found it getting more difficult to actully getting hired on. Granted I have a speratic work history for someone my age. But still I’m still an able body person to work.

Anyway, back to school, its about time to get ready for finals for the classes that I’m currently taking. Finals week is the 2nd week of December which is nice because I have about a good month off between semesters end and begins.


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