links section of my site

I’m in the process of adding a links section to my site. Though, I’m still in the process of developing the admin/backend for the links section of this site. Its just getting all of the little details/bugs worked out before having it viewed in a “beta” form on my site. Another thing(s) that I want to do is try to have “clean” url’s when viewing by site type’s, names, or whatever the case may be.

I’m also thinking of making a form and a have table in the dbase to add more links to the site but then I’m not ready to develop cookies, and many other things, or at this point make things more complex than things should be at the moment.

Another thing is that I want to do is to learn more javascript – from the simple to more complex scripts. Though there are some site’s that have javascript already made for the public (I think) but its one of the programming tools that I want to learn.

I won’t do something like out of the links section that I’m adding to this site but it may be on the same type premis(sic).

But then, hopefully, by this coming summer I would have a better links section added to this site by then in some fashion. Who knows what would happen by then, in regards to this site.

laters all

The new Apple Portable

MacBook Pro. What a name – just like everyone else that commented linked to other posts here by the way of Technorati. Anyways, MacBook Pro the name just plain sucks big time. Though it would take some time or a very long time before people would get used to the new name of the Apple portable line of computers. I myself, would get the older Powerbook computers simply I no like buying or getting a 1st Generation computer. In part cause of the general software compatiblity with the hardware and want to see if there any “bugs” in the new system or not.

I just wounder how the next year or so would be like for Apple. In regards to how “Macheads” would like the performace and such. In turn on how “fast” developers would put out updated software would be another factor to get people to get the new systems into their homes or workplace.

At this point I just wounder what the name Apple would give to the intel based Pro line when that gets updated in the near future.

Just my 2 cents on the subject.


being alone during the holidays

(This has been reposted from Jan. 1st)

One of the things I don’t like during the holidays is the fact of being alone. I like the holidays but they just bring me down because there is no one for me or to have be shared with that someone special during this time of the year. I want share my life with someone but I know I would be asking to much in where I want be dating someone exclusive and sharing the same bed or let alone sharing thoughts and talk abou their passions whomever might want to date me, or at least have me in their life.

Seems like over the last couple of years that my bed seems to be so empty, even though I’ve been sleeping alone in my bed for all of my life. I know that sounds strange and all but for awhile that I felt like I had somekind of presense with me in my room watching me sleeping and being with me at night.

After meeting someone shortly after I starting taking classes at the local University campus, I realalised what I was missing in my life. Also, at that same time I realized how along I was up to that point in time. Though I never really dated that much over the years, granted I tend to get tounge tied and I would be acting like a big ass fool around people I really like to date or to have in my life in some fashion.

I would like and want to share my life with someone or be someone special love but then I’m asking for to much at this point in my life. Though I tend to be more of a homebody type of person, so I don’t get out that much to “play the field” that much.

At this point in time, think I’m better off alone and concertrate on my studies and trying to work at the same time too.

I want to write and say more here but I think I’ve said what I wanted to say tonight.