The new Apple Portable

MacBook Pro. What a name – just like everyone else that commented linked to other posts here by the way of Technorati. Anyways, MacBook Pro the name just plain sucks big time. Though it would take some time or a very long time before people would get used to the new name of the Apple portable line of computers. I myself, would get the older Powerbook computers simply I no like buying or getting a 1st Generation computer. In part cause of the general software compatiblity with the hardware and want to see if there any “bugs” in the new system or not.

I just wounder how the next year or so would be like for Apple. In regards to how “Macheads” would like the performace and such. In turn on how “fast” developers would put out updated software would be another factor to get people to get the new systems into their homes or workplace.

At this point I just wounder what the name Apple would give to the intel based Pro line when that gets updated in the near future.

Just my 2 cents on the subject.


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