No wounder I hate taking some classes

As much as I like taking classes it just seems like that this last school year at the university where I’m taking classes at, that I’ve choosing poorly in classes to take. For example, a math class that I took last fall there was just way too much homework assigned and it gotten to the point where I had to either audit or withdrew from the course all together. Though I audited the math class I felt that I should have withdrew from it in the first place.

As for my classes that were just finished, I thought that I was doing poorly in the 2 classes that I was taking. In my oceans class I thought that it was going to be differant than what it was. When this started it started from the “Big Bang” and went from there. Like if I wanted to know something like that I would’ve taken a geology class about the Earth. Anyways, the teachers and the TA’s are a bunch of A–holes and somewhat cocky too, also bunch of know it all freeks that they think that they are better than everyone else. Frankly the oceans class that I’m talking about should be canceled and no longer be offered in any form what so ever. And the TA’s and the teachers for this course weren’t that too helpful in anyway what so ever like they don’t even care if you have a fucking learning disability of some kind. But then I was able to slide through 1-12 grade to some degree.

Anyways, enough of that, as for my Art class that I just took this last spring I could have done better on most – if not all of the projects that were handed out during the spring term. The art class that I took was a good class to take but still I could have done better on the projects.

As for the summer goes, I’m planning to take one class this summer – another art class – which I should have taken before the class that I just did this last spring. But hey I didn’t think of about that til just now.

Even though I have about 2 good years left of taking classes to get my degree, I just for some reason want to take a long break before I actully finish getting my degree. I really don’t know why I want to other than the fact that I’ve been taking classes for the 3-4 years (since fall of 2002). Though after taking classes for this long it just seems that all I’ve been doing recently is to complain like crazy about the teachers and the classes that I’ve been taking. Plus, I think its also the way my current living situation and one of my older siblings is being a pain of the ass.

Even though there’s about 2 years left of classes to take I’m starting to think about grad school and where I want to go to. I’m thinking of going to grad school in London, Austrailia and several University’s in Western United States. Though I should decide on which school’s to apply to within the next year – 18 months. I might take a break after getting my B.A. degree.

At this point I just don’t want to put thing’s into stone and then totally change them and make a real mess of things of my plans when thing’s are just about to happen. Some how some thing’s will get screwed up in some fashion and any plans that I’ve had to any point would possibly get screwed anyway knowing the way my luck goes about planning stuff.

bye for now…

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