Many thing’s to do…

There are many thing’s that I want to do like writing more post’s on this blog and I know what I say – generally speaking – its just getting around to actully writing some post’s or working on my site (updating it). I’ve relasied that I’ve been blogging in some fashion for about the last 2 years or so in the fall.

I don’t know if I would be blogging on a regular basis or whatever the case might become be the end of the year. There are many thing’s that I’ve just lost the desire to do on a regular or daily basis (with some things that I won’t mention here – not yet anyway).

Its just that I want to leave many – if not everything behind and just walk away from school, family – even life itself. I know that I can’t or unable to or unwilling to do. I just have to see what happens this year – well for the rest of the year to come.

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I'm a non traditional college student seeking a degree in Community Development and I'm an amateur photographer.