lack of writing

There’s a lot of things that I want to write down and say a bunch of stuff but can’t bring myself on doing it. There’s some weired – well odd stuff going on with my family which I won’t say here. My main problem now is trying to get what I want to say, etc and put them into words but for the life me I’m unable to. I would really like to sit down and write good long entries on this blog but I can’t seem to – let alone a paper based “journal.”

Lately, I’ve been trying to improve my life a little, I’ve been considering transferring to another university in the “lower 48” for awhile now, and I got around to send away for information from at 6 different universities. Though I might just apply to 2 or 3 universities by the end of the summer. By then I would have hopefully gotten all of the requested information that I sent away for.

Right now I want to say even more stuff or even talk about but I just can’t bring my self on doing it. I have a felling that something is holding me back and preventing me from saying what I want to say on my mind or what ever else that comes to mind.

I think part of my problem is that I just want to walk away from everything and say a big f-you to my life and my family; but I won’t be doing that because it won’t be the “proper” thing to do right now. I have generally nothing against my family but sometimes it makes me wonder if I’m ever going to get away from family for a while. While I could go on about my life and my family – things have a way of coming back at the most unexpected time and bite me in my a**.

bye for now….


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I'm a non traditional college student seeking a degree in Community Development and I'm an amateur photographer.