spring cleaning

Today I’ve done some spring cleaning around place that has been some time coming, though it took me forever to get around to do it. I’m glad that I’ve got most of it done but still have some ways to go. The kicker thing is that we’ve, myself and the rest of my family, have doing a spring cleaning over the course of the last year.

The spring cleaning that my family has been doing over the last year has an off again then on again type of thing. There’s still some residual things to do around the house in regards to get it more cleaned up.

Now its just a matter of getting what we have left into a storage unit of some kind, so we would, at least, have a little bit more room in our home.

Sometimes leading up to actually doing the cleaning of a room or part of a room sometimes can be the hard part me. I don’t know why that it is, but it is. Though I’m glad the majority of the cleaning is about done and over with. Its just a matter of keeping things neat around the house.

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