Itunes update and etc

Over this last weekend I installed the current version of iTunes on to my Windows XP system and half way expecting an error of some kind while installing the Quick time part of the install package. Luckily that there was no problem while the installation took place.

If you want to know what I’m talking about please take a look at this post. Not that I mind using the Windows
OS, it can be a pain.

I finally got a new LCD display for the Windows PC which is nice, now there could be more than one person on-line at the same time on the home network (or LAN). Now all I need to do now with my Windows PC is to add a second hard drive primarily for the itunes library and to place future application that would take up more than what I have on my C drive.

I’m glad that Apple fixed the Quicktime install part of the iTunes 7.6 installation.

bye for now….

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