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I’ve recently came across Diigo by the way of a post over at Borderland. It seems an interesting site, enough to try it, even though I really don’t like the clutter of the site. Another problem that I have a problem with is with the after effects of the import of my bookmarks, though I was expecting a few tags and links to get lost during the import into Diigo.

One feature that I like about Diigo is that I could actually have links posted to my blogs, as with, nothing gets posted to any of my blogs – no matter how I try to get things work. I guess I could live with that for a while longer.

Though, I’m going to see how Diigo works out during the mean time. is still my default online bookmarking site.

Here is my Diigo page and here is my page. Though my account is more current than what I have at Diigo.


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