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Over this last weekend the digital camera gave up on working basically I got it wet by the way of rain. It is and was a stupid thing to do and let it happen. Though its working to some degree, at this point in time I’m basically for a newer camera with a whole lot more features and such. The type of camera I would like to get will be said later in the post.

Basically what happened was that I walked around my family’s undeveloped property and took my Olympus camera with me to take some pictures that I might want to take. Didn’t find worth while stuff to take pictures of then before I started back to my family home, rain started to come down and I wasn’t able to cover the camera from the rain – so in turn it got wet. I didn’t do a good job cleaning off the water from the camera and so when I tried to take a picture on Saturday evening of the sun on some clouds during the sunset – that’s when I noticed the camera wasn’t turning on. At this point I was swearing at myself for getting the camera wet.

The camera that I have is an Olympus SP-510 UZ granted it may not be the better cameras to have after reading some reviews on the web. As it is I’ve been planning to get a much better Olympus model or one of the following cameras: Nikon, Canon, or Sony camera.

I’m not quite sure to what I’m looking for in a new camera at the moment. Though I want both 35mm SLR and a Digital SLR, I’m not sure which one to get first and that’s part of the problem that I’m having at the moment is choosing the type of camera that I want to use one a regular basis. When I do get both types of cameras I’m planning to get several lenses for each kind of camera. Like telescoping, mid range, and use a standard range of lenses or at least I think there is.

Though in planning in getting both types of cameras I’m planning to spend some serious money so it wouldn’t really be an issue when I would actually buy the cameras.

In the mean time, what I might do is to get a similar Olympus type camera for the interim basis entail I get a good quality digital and 35mm SLR.

But my problem is the researching part of the equation of the endeavor of getting a new camera. So for those who follow this blog or to anyone else to reads this blog – my question to you is: Do any of you know any site’s that have a good array of reviews of camera’s ?


P.S. I may post something when I would get a new camera whether if its for the interim basis or when I finally get a good quality Digital and 35mm SLR.

P.S.S. This post may be edited further at some point, don’t know for sure at the moment.

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