Where to travel

Its been a while since I did a post on this blog, and this post would be about traveling to places I would like to go to. There are several places that I would like to travel to which include the United Kingdom, Australia, Toronto, Edmonton, Maryland, Virginia, Amsterdam, NYC. Also, places that I’ve been to Las Vegas, San Francisco, and possibly a few other places that I’ve been to.

The problem that I’m having is that I can’t seem to settle on which place to visit first. I would like to visit all the places above in one big huge trip but would be too much to do at one time.

I would like to visit Sydney, AU and London, UK on New Years Eve and Day. Though I could one city one year and the other the next year. It’s just a matter of chosing which of these places to go to first.

Though I have little time to settle on a where I want to go on a trip.

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