Site facelifts and such

I’m still trying to give a “face lift” to the rest of this site – things aren’t progressing as I wanted to. I’ve started on 2 styles that I thought of doing for this site but I just couldn’t choose one style. I’ve had trouble with text formating for one of the style’s that I might use and because of that there’s a good chance that I go with a 3rd style for my site.

There are a couple of other thing that I would like to develop and integrate with this site but nothing’s really gotten out of the “planning” stages yet. On the flip side I should have things mostly done now with what I wanted to developed.

I’ve tried or more importantly that I want or wanted to do the following things on site:

  • Better Links Page (php/mysql powered) at least a better admin area
  • Custom Photo Gallery
  • A “Catalog” of my Books, CD’s, Movies, and Games
  • An updated look to my site

However its going to take things a while to make things happen before they appear on this site in some fashion. As for the 3rd bullet point, I don’t know if I want those items behind a password protected section of the site or not. Granted there are other ways to have a “catalog” set up – like in Excel, FileMaker or Bento. It’s also just the amount of time that I want will take for the 3rd item above – whether or not I want to do web-based interface or the use of the software mentioned in the last sentence.

More on these item’s at a later time when things are “getting close” to being deployed on this site. Though “getting close” would be sometime in the near future.

Though there will be an update of some kind on this site (, and to in the coming months or so.



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