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If your reading this journal of mine, you may have or will notice that I might be changing the themes on this site around to see which one I like or don’t like. You’re more than welcome to post your comments, if and when you might see a differant theme on this site.

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Fairbanks, AK Weather

(This post will be edited further at a later time)

The weather here in Fairbanks, Ak has been highly unusual recently for the month of Februray. The tempature’s on a daily basis have been above normal, in some cases, well above normal. Because of this warm weather makes the majority of road slick to drive on, which most drivers in the Fairbanks hate driving on, myself included. I just can’t wait any longer for the roads to better to drive on.

This weather seems to good to be true to last, and I have a feeling that the Fairbanks area might get mild cold snap before the end of March. But, I could & hope to be wrong about that though.

Although, I am enjoying the “balmy” weather here, it just seems that mother nature is teesing us folks here in Fairbanks, while the resident of Southern California is getting alot, well to much rain, while other parts of this planet need some rain too. But, rain is needed to help with getting the dust and other stuff out of the air, which could be a good thing, depending on how you at the weather on the west cost of the U.S.

Now the weather here in Fairbanks is beginning to get warmer and the snow is starting to melt away, which I’m glad that I could take my car out of 4 wheel drive. Expect when I need to out of my driveway though, the driveway goes up hill at a good gentle slope.

By the way of speaking of driveway’s just about every spring since redoing the driveway we (my family & such) get a big puddle in the driveway to the point where my family needs to totally redo the driveway with better dranage. Within a couple of weeks the puddle dry’s up though.

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Another Interesting Apple story…

I found an interesting story about Apple and how its use in some business fields. Where it could be easier to manage Apple based system than Windows based systems. This article also says that Apple systems are much safer than Windows system too.

But then you could be the judge of this story and say what you could want about Apple Computer.

A story about the Anglican Church

I found this story on Yahoo News! about the seperation of the Anglican Church, which to me seems so damn stupid, because that no matter what church that you might belong too unable or unwilling to change simply that they must (or generally) follow the bible.

This whole thing about gays in general seems so stupid but you can’t really change people, they are who they are. But, in this case, everyone should find somekind of common ground about having gays openly in the Anglican Church or any other church for that fact.


I’ve posted some links below to stories that I have found interesting and liked to some degree. One specific story that didn’t sit well with me, the story where a hotel is being built, but I’ll let you be the judge of the contents of the story.

Also, these might not work after some time though (I think, but don’t know for sure, so please don’t hold me to this).



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