Another Update on my Dog

I have some sad news to share about my dog Lolo and that she passed away this last Wednesday due to complications of Valley Fever (Background Info at – opens in a new window).

Below is a gallery of photographs that I took of Lolo that I took since 2013/2014. You can, also, find a similar post here and another gallery of photographs.

An Update on my Dog

Please Note: This GoFundMe campaign has closed.

I’ve posted an update on the GoFundMe Page (opens in a new window) that I have set up for one of my dogs for those whose interested in helping out.

For the update: I need to get another round of blood work done for updated numbers for her for Valley Fever. I, also, need to need to get some pain medication so she can walk better. You can find video’s at this link.

Below are photos of Lolo and Rogue. These two dogs helped me to stay upbeat for ninety-nine point nine percent of the time. With the last one percent is when I think about my family and the dogs I’ve lost over the years.

Have a good weekend folks.


Here is Lolo sitting in the sun one afternoon.
Here is Lolo sitting in the sun one afternoon.
Here is Lolo and Rogue standing outside of my place before taking a walk.
Here is Lolo and Rogue standing outside of my place before taking a walk.

Adding Video To This Site

Hello Folks

Below is a poll about adding video to this site and this would as well as having photograph(s) and photograph galleries on this site.

If there is no voting of any kind then I would take that as a resounding no to adding video content to this site.

The type of videos that I’m thinking of are dog centric, cooking videos, road trip videos and occasional YouTube vlogger style of videos.

Thanks for your time.

It’s going to be Quiet for Sometime to come on this site

Hello There

Just want to post an update about the site and I’ll be posting anything for a bit of time in part that I don’t have internet access at home anymore and for sometime to come. Plus, there are still a fair amount of photographs that I still need to go through before posting to this site. One of the images that I’ve already upload is the featured image on this post.

Also, I need to spend time looking for a job that I could enable to stuff with my life and to expand this site further.

Bye for now….


Another update of sorts

Hello All

Its been a little while since I last posted on this site and looks like that it would be some time before I would post anything of substance. At the moment blogging is not really at or near the top of the list of doing stuff – including posting photos that I took at Lake Tahoe, CA or anywhere else that I took photos at in my road trips of the last couple of years. Plus, I haven’t been to keen on spending the time on editing photos on the back-end of the site – like the alt tags, description, and so on giving the number of photos that I would like to upload on to this site. If there was a way to mass edit this type of info on a number of photos at one time would be great, but I don’t see how it could be done in WordPress.

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The End of this Blog for now


If you’re seeing this post … then that would mean that this would be the last post for this blog. I’ll be taking this blog and this site down for the foreseeable future. Along with this site I’ll be taking down my other site. I doubt that I’ll be putting either site back online anytime soon or if not ever.

This site most likely would be coming down this weekend at the earliest.

If you like to continue reading post’s by me please go to

Goodbye for a while or for good……


an update of sorts

Just an FYI to those who follow this blog and or who visit my site every so often. I’m in the process of adding Google AdSense to this site to basically try to help with the cost of hosting this site and my pet site. The thing that was preventing me from doing this a couple of years ago – was that I needed a mailbox at my home which I didn’t have ’til last week. Though I did have a mailbox at my home a couple of years back though it got ruined over the winter and I never really got around to get it replaced – ’til this summer.

Though its going to take some time to actually update the whole site with the code.

As for an earlier post about the troubles that I’ve been having with the MySQL Server with my hosting provider as far as I know its been “fixed” but I won’t hold my breath. Seems like that there is some kind of problems with the MySQL server every so often that happens at my hosting company. Don’t know why the server’s “act up” like this but I think its bad for business and frankly they (the hosting provider) should update to the current release build of MySQL and php though after doing some testing before doing a system wide update/upgrade of the server software. But that’s just my 2 cents.

Anyways, getting back on topic, I’m going to see how the ads will do on my site between now and the end of the year. Depending on how this endeavor goes – will move my plans up on moving to a new hosting provider and move to a new domain register – otherwise, hopefully, I’ll do the move of this site later this year.

bye for now…


P.S. This post may be updated at some point but don’t know when or if this post would be updated or not.

site problems – yet again

Just FYI to those who follow this blog in readers, etc., I’ve been having intermittent problems with the hosting company that I’m currently with. I don’t know how long these problems would continue and I’ve already sent an email to tech/customer service for help with the problem that I’m having with the MySQL server

Updates will follow soon.