feed update

For those who are following this blog using the regular feed located at myjournal.peterlbrett.com/index.php/feed/, I found a plugin (located here) that would forward that feed to my Feedburner feed. i found this plugin when I added a Feedburner feed for the comments for this blog.

I’ve also been having trouble with servers since late Wednesday so the site was slow while using Firefox 2. But don’t know if anyone else was having trouble loading the site with other browsers.

bye for now…

Server Problems

I don’t know if anyone who’s been following this blog may or may not have noticed that I’ve been having problems with the mysql server as of late. What happened tonight is another reason I’ll be moving to another host hopefully by the end of the year.

Before moving this site and my other site I’ll be setting up another website with another host and get a “feel” about setting up a site at another hosting company, before moving this site.

I’ll be posting updates to this blog at some point during the next 4 weeks or so 2 months. Just need to see how thing’s go during this time.


Update: I think it would be at least another 2 months before moving from my current hosting/register provider, just haven’t saved enough money to do this. Hopefully, I’ll be switching hosting providers by summer beings. I’ll post something here in a few months time.

I got a new MacBook Pro

Yesturday I picked up a newly ordered an Apple 17″ MacBook Pro with a Intel processer and with 2GB of memory though I placed the order for this computer – which I’m writing this post with – a couple of days before classes startes at UAF. I finally picked it up yesturday and spent the night – well into the night of updating software, installing, and downloading some free software last night. Granted, it helps that I have a dsl connection to the internet which made downloading updates to the Mac OS X some what in a quicker time than with a dail-up connection. Anyways, I’ll hopefully be putting some picture’s up while I was unpacking the computer and after it got to the desktop.

Frankly, its much nicer to use a Mac after a couple years of using a Windows PC. Granted I’ll be using this portable mainly for school for the next couple of years and for a couple of years after that. Though it would take some time to get used to using the keyboard and this laptop – well maybe longer than a while because its the largest laptop that Apple makes.

Another reason that I got the largest MacBook Pro is that I’m thinking of having my major in Photography/Photojournalism and or in New Media in the journalism department at uaf but at this point I haven’t “offically” declared my major yet. I’ll make the final decsion after this semster is over with and after on how well I’ll do in the math class that I’m in.