Camera Lenses

I’ve been looking to expand my Canon Camera lenses collection for my Canon 60D camera. One type of lenses that I’m planning to get is an Macro lens. As for other types of lenses that I want to get to get are telephoto lenses and I know it comes down to personal preference. Since, majority of photographs that I would be taking would be outdoor type photographs.

Though, if there was a way to try before buying at a store to see if I like the lenses would be nice. But, I doubt that is possible to do, since I don’t constantly share photo’s that I’ve done and haven’t really been taken photo’s recently over the last year and half on my Canon camera.

It will be a while before I would actually buy a few lenses, cause I need to save up money to buy them and more larger SD cards. I would be using this time to choose the type of lenses and save up the money to buy them.

Finding Photographic Supplies

Hello folks,

I’m looking for a good quality online store that sells 35mm film for a 35mm film based camera. The type of film that I’m looking for is the following: black and white at 1600 ISO. Where I’m living the store I usually shop at no longer sells film with this ISO rate. Plus any other supplies that I could get online except for the processing liquid itself.

I’m on a budget of some kind and don’t want to spend an excessive amount of money. Though I don’t mind spending little extra for quality supplies. At this time – all of this would be an education related purchases.

I know I could just use Google to search for photograph supplies and visit many websites – which I don’t mind doing and found a couple that look promising but I would like to get some suggestions from anyone with a good photographic background and who has had bought supplies online in the past.

Thanks to anyone for any and all suggestions.

needing a new camera

Well as the title suggests that I’m looking for a new camera, well, a new digital camera. At the moment I’m not looking for a high end digital camera, but one for the serious amateur who’s looking for a wide assortment of experience with different brands of digital camera’s.

I’m at a loss as to what to get and to try out. I would like to try all of the major brands of camera’s but don’t have that kind of money to spend. I know its a personal choice as to what kind of camera to get in the end.

I’ve had a digital camera for the last 18 months or so, and it’s no longer working and I can’t even turn it on. Its a “starter” digital camera – there’s no question about that. Its an Olympus SP-510 UZ and if you like to know what happened to it then read it here. Though I go into more detail – sort of – on this blog and might get a camera from the same model line like the one that died on me.

This last week to where I bought the above mentioned camera and found another from the same model line but its a “fancier” model which I might so I have for the intern basis ’til I get a “heavy duty” model at a later time.

Basically what I’m looking for is a review site of some kind to compare all of the different kinds of cameras that are currently on the market. That would compare just about all of the features from the basic to the high end of cameras that would or could be used in various fields that has photography.

Thought of posting here to what is suggested or what comes of the reaction of this post. If you would like to know more just leave a comment here on this post or at the link above….. Later.

Looking for a new Camera

Over this last weekend the digital camera gave up on working basically I got it wet by the way of rain. It is and was a stupid thing to do and let it happen. Though its working to some degree, at this point in time I’m basically for a newer camera with a whole lot more features and such. The type of camera I would like to get will be said later in the post.

Basically what happened was that I walked around my family’s undeveloped property and took my Olympus camera with me to take some pictures that I might want to take. Didn’t find worth while stuff to take pictures of then before I started back to my family home, rain started to come down and I wasn’t able to cover the camera from the rain – so in turn it got wet. I didn’t do a good job cleaning off the water from the camera and so when I tried to take a picture on Saturday evening of the sun on some clouds during the sunset – that’s when I noticed the camera wasn’t turning on. At this point I was swearing at myself for getting the camera wet.

The camera that I have is an Olympus SP-510 UZ granted it may not be the better cameras to have after reading some reviews on the web. As it is I’ve been planning to get a much better Olympus model or one of the following cameras: Nikon, Canon, or Sony camera.

I’m not quite sure to what I’m looking for in a new camera at the moment. Though I want both 35mm SLR and a Digital SLR, I’m not sure which one to get first and that’s part of the problem that I’m having at the moment is choosing the type of camera that I want to use one a regular basis. When I do get both types of cameras I’m planning to get several lenses for each kind of camera. Like telescoping, mid range, and use a standard range of lenses or at least I think there is.

Though in planning in getting both types of cameras I’m planning to spend some serious money so it wouldn’t really be an issue when I would actually buy the cameras.

In the mean time, what I might do is to get a similar Olympus type camera for the interim basis entail I get a good quality digital and 35mm SLR.

But my problem is the researching part of the equation of the endeavor of getting a new camera. So for those who follow this blog or to anyone else to reads this blog – my question to you is: Do any of you know any site’s that have a good array of reviews of camera’s ?


P.S. I may post something when I would get a new camera whether if its for the interim basis or when I finally get a good quality Digital and 35mm SLR.

P.S.S. This post may be edited further at some point, don’t know for sure at the moment.

Taking pictures

Last night I tried to take pictures with my digital camera turned out to be a big mistake. The picture of what I wanted to take was a star or a planet that had an orange tint to it, and it was located in the southeast part of the sky. Though there was a slight overcast of clouds but still could see the brighter of the stars in the night sky that could be seen through the clouds last night. It turned out that I didn’t have the right set up for a camera to take pictures at night.

Anyways, the pictures that I did take of this one star (or it might have been planet don’t know though) didn’t come out right and I generally try not to post a sub par photograph on Flickr.

One thing that I would like to get is a high end SLR camera but not really a digital SLR. Having both would be nice but at this point I much rather have a film-based SLR. Though its just a matter of saving money to get a brand new film based SLR – if there even made by different OEM’s to choose from. I would like to have more than 2 choices when it comes to choosing a new camera, don’t know why, but its the way I like it or want it that way for some reason.


A new camera

Well today I got a new digital camera an Olympus brand and I like it so far. I’m going to take a quite a few pictures of the next few months, in part is that I’m taking a digital photography class. In this class I would learn a good way, I think, on how to use a digital camera, along with learning some useful feature of the Adobe Photoshop program.

In a way I’m glad that I got a digital camera and taking a class about digital photography basically so I could post more pictures to my family pet site. Also to my flickr account.

Hopefully I would also be posting some – maybe one or two here soon.

bye for now…