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The new site

Well the new website debuted today (31/07/2008) and I like it. However, there is one thing that I noticed that was missing is unbundled tags – a number of other users have noticed (see here and here). Granted the improvements to have been coming for a long time now, and its just a matter of getting used to the design of the site. And I really don’t like the fact that I would need to look for stuff that I knew before the update and would spend a little while longer on the site to find things.

Though spending time on a website isn’t really a big deal for me, I just don’t like the fact of doing a “treasure hunt” for items that I could easily find on the old site. Just need to get used to the new site … in time.

But in the end if updating the back end/front end of a site to make things faster, run much more smoothly and the design of the site doesn’t bother the end user to or that much … so much for the better.

Just my 2 cents….


Note: this post may be edited at some point but don’t know at this time. I intended this to be posted last night but wanted to revise this post some more before posting this before the public.

using Diigo vs

I’ve recently came across Diigo by the way of a post over at Borderland. It seems an interesting site, enough to try it, even though I really don’t like the clutter of the site. Another problem that I have a problem with is with the after effects of the import of my bookmarks, though I was expecting a few tags and links to get lost during the import into Diigo.

One feature that I like about Diigo is that I could actually have links posted to my blogs, as with, nothing gets posted to any of my blogs – no matter how I try to get things work. I guess I could live with that for a while longer.

Though, I’m going to see how Diigo works out during the mean time. is still my default online bookmarking site.

Here is my Diigo page and here is my page. Though my account is more current than what I have at Diigo.


Yahoo gobbles up | CNET

This is sure a development of Yahoo buying up I just hope that it would stay ad free, and also keep the current look and feel to it that it has now. I Found the story at Yahoo gobbles up | CNET

Just hope that yahoo doesn’t require or “merge” the user databases together like what their doing with flickr members. If they do, hope it wouldn’t be for a while. But hey anything possible at this point.


I was noticing earlier tonight (11/21/2005) that – from what I could tell added new feature recently or I’ve just never noticed some stuff before. Maybe the later because I’ve been looking around’s site for a while. Another thing that I’ve noticed to today was the cleaner/nicer design of the general look of today – which makes it look a lot better in many ways. But then its what I think about