Having Friends after 30

The article and tweet below from Vox.com seems rather true in some ways for me anyway. Though, it is from a women’s perspective / point of view rather from a guy’s point of view and for some reason I could relate to a few parts of the article written.

Connecting with old school friends

Recently I’ve been want to connect with people that I’ve meet in school when I grew up over the years.  But for some reason I’m hesitant about actually contacting the people that I’ve been friendly with over the years. Don’t know why that is. Guess I’m not really comfortable in making the first contact with the people I knew. Though the main problem that I have by doing this is what to what to say to someone when and/or if I do contact with someone that I knew.

Anyways, later…. Peter

P.S. This post has been edited and refined to some degree.