Sorting Photographs

Hopefully during the next two weeks I would be sorting and possibly adding some photographs that I’ve taken the last two years on to this blog. I know in the past I would post photos and don’t and I’m planning to now. I doubt that I would be able to upload all the photo’s that I’ve taken over the two years. Granted, I doubt that I would be uploading all the photo’s – fraction of the photos would be uploaded.

There are a number of photo’s that I took with my phone which I’m planning to put up as a few regular posts on this site. I may do a sample gallery then link to the rest of the photos; but, I may not do this – depends on what I upload to the blog.

I’ll be posting something when I’m done sorting and editing the photos.

Recent Postings

Hello All – you may have noticed that I’ve blogged a number of postings from other WordPress powered sites on my blog. I found these articles interesting to read and wanted to share to those who follow this blog in some way.

Anyway, I’m planning to add more original content soon, it’s just matter of actually sitting down and jotting down some thoughts of what I want to share with everyone.


doing some site updates

For those who are interested, I’ve done some minor updates to my main site. Its all of those little things that I’ve missed when I did a last update to my site which was some time ago. I also did a few things to make the links more highlighted – though that may not be the right word to use. Anyway, my site should get an updated look to it soon, which I’m starting to plan out.

As for this blog, I’ve changed the theme to something more “colorful” than to what I had before on this blog. So, if you do come by this blog leave a note in the comments if you like the new theme or not.

Speaking of themes, when I get my system the way I would like, I’m going to try and sit down and develop my theme for this blog and the rest of my site. Though it would be awhile before I would actually sit down and develop one.

Anyway, there’s probably going to be some more miner updates to my site over the this coming summer. However its going to be a hit or miss type thing, since I would be moving to a different city this summer – I might said where in another post. In other words I’m going to be busier than normal this summer.

Bye for now….


Its been a while

Well its been a while since the last post that I wrote and posted back in September. Though I’ve wrote several post’s that I have not published yet. Things have been difficult that last several months … which I won’t say that much here, if any. Hopefully, I would be publishing the post’s that I’ve writing soon but I don’t know yet.

Anyway, one thing that I’ve noticed recently is that I haven’t really listening to any music CD’s since March of this year since I got an IPod then.

As far as school is concerned is that I’m considering and looking in to transfer to another university but I’m still looking to stuff in regards to this. Just have to see how thing’s go by the end of Spring here in Alaska.

Have a good Christmas holiday everyone.