The Moon

Here is the moon that was out on the night of October 12 2017 and the morning of October 13 2017.

For some reason I’ve wanted to take a lot of photo’s of the moon recently. At some point I might take a month and photograph the moon. I know there are/were other people who do take photographs of the moon over the course of the night or during a month, but I just want to give it a gander. Though I’m going to wait til I have a working car to do this, and to look for a good out-of-the-way spot with less light pollution to this small project.

Here is the moon on the night of October 12 2017 and the morning of October 13 2017.
Here is the moon on the night of October 12 2017 and the morning of October 13 2017.

Summer Solstice Moon

I took these photographs of the moon late at night on the night on (or before) of the Summer Solstice (June 20, 2016). It took a bit of time to adjust some settings of my camera to able to capture a clear series of photographs of the moon. It was one of those times I had one of those “Ah Ha” moments when I discovered how to do something different and its like bringing two puzzle pieces together.

For the longest time I wanted to take clear photographs of the Moon and I finally did. Now I know how which setting and dials on the camera to change to do this I’m going to try to capture other phases of the Moon.

In the past when I took photos at night there was enough light from street/parking lights that I didn’t need to change it before. I wasn’t able to photograph the moon when it was rising above the horizon.

Star watching

One thing that I like to do over recent days is to look at the stars above my home outside of Fairbanks and when I do, I like to un-focus my eyesight just a little bit just see the night sky moving a just little bit. Don’t know why I like or want to do that with my eyes while looking at the night sky.

I’ve always had a passing fancy with the stars just about my whole life. I had a telescope for a while when I was growing up but some how it got lost on the move to Alaska. I would love to get a new telescope that could hook up to my computer and view the night sky that and along through the eye peace itself on a telescope itself.

One thing that I would like to do if I got a new telescope is to take pictures through the it, well at least closer pictures of planets and of stars that are viewable/visible from where I live in Fairbanks. Where I currently live is or could be considered a rural part of Fairbanks but yet close enough to town to see about one third of the city along with North Pole, Alaska and a little bit further than that city.

One thing I really like about Fairbanks and Alaska in general is that the night sky can be seen by driving out of the various big cities and have a clear view of the sky when its not overcast with clouds at night or when there is no full moon out at night.

Bye for now…