Spring-ish Update

Hello All….

I was planning to have this post be, well, posted back in January or early February, but obviously this didn’t happen. Aside from the New Years Resolution post and a couple others over the last year, I know its been quite for some time on this site between posts. Well, I have moved from the Southwest back to the Northwest of the United states in part is because that the “status quo” in my life had to be changed. Plus people were trying to “keep” in Arizona or I should say that people are/were expecting me on staying in Southern Arizona for the rest of my life.

Multi level Rocks with foliage.
Here are some multi level rocks located near Lily Lake at the south end of Fallen Leaf Lake, South Lake Tahoe, CA.

One thing that I’m going to try to do is to finish school in the Northwest. I’m going to try to buy a house while I’m finishing school. I’ve been looking for a bit of time, but haven’t really found a house that “feel” that “right” house to buy.

Knock on wood that I may or would have a new place by the end of summer. I, generally, know what type of place that I want to buy but finding it is another thing altogether. Though, one thing I would like or need a place that is big enough for a dog and for myself.

A Dead Tree in a Valley along a road from Virginia City, Nevada.
A Dead Tree in a Valley along a road from Virginia City, Nevada.

Updates Since January:

I took a class this last winter quarter but I didn’t have a good study habits, though my studying habits changed midway through the term. I did register for a class for the spring term but decided to drop it because I wasn’t able to properly have things setup a site properly. The subject of class is / was focused on developing themes for and customizing WordPress. Knock on wood that it would be offered again at some point again but I’m not holding out any hope that it would be offered again in the Fall term.

It didn’t help that I wasn’t in a good mindset to do homework for the last week because I concerted on my now dead dog (see the post here – opens in a new window).

One of my dogs that I had since 2014 had died back on the last weekend of March. Rogue died because of severe case of arthritis which affected his lower back and legs. Now without having a dog around I found myself bored and feeling “listless” as to what to do with my free time.

One thing I miss doing is going out and driving to places with my camera; since I can’t really do that until the stay in place is lifted in Oregon and California. Since I’m basically stuck inside which I’m doing some “spring” cleaning around my place.

This is a mountain peek located near Virginia City, Nevada.
This is a mountain peek located near Virginia City, Nevada.

The way things would look like is that it would be at least before I could go out for a drive with my camera. The places that I want to go to is Mt. Hood and parts of eastern Oregon.

One thing that I wanted to do but never did before the “stay at home” order here in Oregon was to travel to the beach or to trails around the Portland Metro. Obviously, I’m going to wait til things are more open to about the same levels before things closed down because of the pandemic. What I mean is that I should have and could have traveled around the region in January and February to take Photos – lots of photos. Whether if its on a trail, downtown Portland or around Vancouver, WA. and I didn’t do it where I didn’t want to go out at all for some reason. I know that’s a very lame reason.

There is a little more that I want to say but I’ll do another post at some latter time. I don’t want to jink things for the next six weeks or so.

New Years Resolution(s)

For the last several years I haven’t done any New Year’s Resolutions since I wasn’t in any position to follow through with any resolutions that I thought of. Though, I do have a couple of New Years Resolution that I want to do and to follow through this coming year.

A Quarter Moon taken one evening in March 2017.
A Quarter Moon taken one evening in March 2017.
  • Start taking classes again – I’ve already registered for two;
  • Blogging more on this site;
  • Take More Photographs in Oregon and Southwest Washington;
  • Travel – Road Trips in Oregon, State of Washington, and Northern California when possible;
  • Look for and buy a house by the time summer arrives this year – if possible of if at all;
  • Possibly remove myself from social media at some point this year (Instagram, Facebook, etc.);
  • Maybe create videos and share on this site by the way of drone – depends on where I can use the drone if I get one;
  • I may start a podcast of some kind but not sure.

There are a couple of other items that I thought of adding to the above list but it is just a matter of time before things could pan out later the year.

I want to do all of the stuff on this list, but I could see myself doing several of those things on the above list. But then I could nothing at all expect for going back to college.

Importing Old Posts

I’ve imported the posts from my old blog that I had at this domain when it was active from 2002 to 2011. There are few post’s that I’ve imported that had photographs that won’t show up at all – for some reason those photographs became corrupted.

One thing that I’ve noticed between all the posts is that my writing style had or has changed. All I have to do now is to go through all the post’s to see how they look and what not.

Though, I’m most likely going to wait til after the first of the year when I settle into a new place. Plus, I want to have a second larger display to show the back-end of this site when I do.

Bye for now…


Time flies

Time sure as passed quickly over the last two months and it just seemed like that school had started for the term. Yet, now finals are just a couple of weeks away. During this time my disposition has improved to some degree for reasons that I don’t want to say here. Anyway, I’m hoping that this term is better in regards to my grades at school than the last two terms at school.

I haven’t done well one class per term for each of the last two terms – where I didn’t or wasn’t able to handle a “full” load at University. Which is puzzling because I was able to handle a full load of classes in the past. Though, between the time I stopped school in 2007 and starting in 2012 I think that my learning styles have changed from being able to handle a full load of classes to concentrating on two or three class depending if I’m at a community college or at a university. I have some backup plans if things don’t work out with the school I’m at.

Anyway, during this last month and half my car broke down and I’m unable to get it fixed yet. I’m trying to get money lined up to get it fixed. Since the broke down I have been using the bus during this time to get to school. Which I needed to schedule(d) my time better in regards to doing homework and other things with my life. Also, in this time I have lost some weight and I’m very slowly getting back to the weight that I was years ago. My health is getting better though ever since getting back to a 4 year University.

Enough about my weight and health for now.

With school, it looks like that I would be done with school in about 1 and a half years to 2 years from now. Though, I did change my degree from a Business Major to an Urban Studies degree.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll be posting some more stuff soon. Later…

New Year Resolutions for 2014

Below are my New Year Resolutions for 2014 which are relatively basic to have and to follow:

1) Study better for the classes that I’m taking at University
2) look for and apply for a few jobs and try to get a part-time job
3) try to lose some weight and get a bit healthier
4) Upload and Post photographs that I took at Lake Tahoe to flickr.com and to this blog, so I could share pictures of Lake Tahoe and of Rogue and Lolo while there.
5) backup my computer more often (this is something that I shouldn’t share – maybe) even though I do backup my computer a few times a year.
6) Get a new computer – either a laptop or a new/used desktop computer for studying.

I just need to follow though on most – preferably following though of all these above items to have the next year-end on a high note. Also, to get out the negative thoughts (having pessimistic thoughts or being pessimistic about a lot of things) that I have had.

There is a good chance that I will post an update to this post in December 2014 on what I have completed and what I have not even finished by the end of year (2014).

Good luck on the New Year to those who read this post.


Finding Photographic Supplies

Hello folks,

I’m looking for a good quality online store that sells 35mm film for a 35mm film based camera. The type of film that I’m looking for is the following: black and white at 1600 ISO. Where I’m living the store I usually shop at no longer sells film with this ISO rate. Plus any other supplies that I could get online except for the processing liquid itself.

I’m on a budget of some kind and don’t want to spend an excessive amount of money. Though I don’t mind spending little extra for quality supplies. At this time – all of this would be an education related purchases.

I know I could just use Google to search for photograph supplies and visit many websites – which I don’t mind doing and found a couple that look promising but I would like to get some suggestions from anyone with a good photographic background and who has had bought supplies online in the past.

Thanks to anyone for any and all suggestions.

Connecting with old school friends

Recently I’ve been want to connect with people that I’ve meet in school when I grew up over the years.  But for some reason I’m hesitant about actually contacting the people that I’ve been friendly with over the years. Don’t know why that is. Guess I’m not really comfortable in making the first contact with the people I knew. Though the main problem that I have by doing this is what to what to say to someone when and/or if I do contact with someone that I knew.

Anyways, later…. Peter

P.S. This post has been edited and refined to some degree.

A new camera

Well today I got a new digital camera an Olympus brand and I like it so far. I’m going to take a quite a few pictures of the next few months, in part is that I’m taking a digital photography class. In this class I would learn a good way, I think, on how to use a digital camera, along with learning some useful feature of the Adobe Photoshop program.

In a way I’m glad that I got a digital camera and taking a class about digital photography basically so I could post more pictures to my family pet site. Also to my flickr account.

Hopefully I would also be posting some – maybe one or two here soon.

bye for now…

No wounder I hate taking some classes

As much as I like taking classes it just seems like that this last school year at the university where I’m taking classes at, that I’ve choosing poorly in classes to take. For example, a math class that I took last fall there was just way too much homework assigned and it gotten to the point where I had to either audit or withdrew from the course all together. Though I audited the math class I felt that I should have withdrew from it in the first place.

As for my classes that were just finished, I thought that I was doing poorly in the 2 classes that I was taking. In my oceans class I thought that it was going to be differant than what it was. When this started it started from the “Big Bang” and went from there. Like if I wanted to know something like that I would’ve taken a geology class about the Earth. Anyways, the teachers and the TA’s are a bunch of A–holes and somewhat cocky too, also bunch of know it all freeks that they think that they are better than everyone else. Frankly the oceans class that I’m talking about should be canceled and no longer be offered in any form what so ever. And the TA’s and the teachers for this course weren’t that too helpful in anyway what so ever like they don’t even care if you have a fucking learning disability of some kind. But then I was able to slide through 1-12 grade to some degree.

Anyways, enough of that, as for my Art class that I just took this last spring I could have done better on most – if not all of the projects that were handed out during the spring term. The art class that I took was a good class to take but still I could have done better on the projects.

As for the summer goes, I’m planning to take one class this summer – another art class – which I should have taken before the class that I just did this last spring. But hey I didn’t think of about that til just now.

Even though I have about 2 good years left of taking classes to get my degree, I just for some reason want to take a long break before I actully finish getting my degree. I really don’t know why I want to other than the fact that I’ve been taking classes for the 3-4 years (since fall of 2002). Though after taking classes for this long it just seems that all I’ve been doing recently is to complain like crazy about the teachers and the classes that I’ve been taking. Plus, I think its also the way my current living situation and one of my older siblings is being a pain of the ass.

Even though there’s about 2 years left of classes to take I’m starting to think about grad school and where I want to go to. I’m thinking of going to grad school in London, Austrailia and several University’s in Western United States. Though I should decide on which school’s to apply to within the next year – 18 months. I might take a break after getting my B.A. degree.

At this point I just don’t want to put thing’s into stone and then totally change them and make a real mess of things of my plans when thing’s are just about to happen. Some how some thing’s will get screwed up in some fashion and any plans that I’ve had to any point would possibly get screwed anyway knowing the way my luck goes about planning stuff.

bye for now…

Tired of school already, etc.

Recently for some reason I just wanted withdraw from classes I’m currently taking. I’ve become tired of just going to classes or just by going up to the local unviersity. I don’t think I’ll will even take classes during this coming summer.

As far as taking classes for a Master of Arts degree, I’m thinking of studing in England or in Austraila or maybe even in Italy but haven’t decided yet since I have a couple of more years of classes though.

I’m half way tempted to just walk away from taking classes and school in general. At this point I just need to have some kind of dramatic change in my life, preferably on the sooner side, but I doubt that would happen anytime soon.

As it is, I’m just plain frustrated about everything in general but specificly about school. I want a major change in my life but it seems like that I’m on the verge of that major change but feels like I’m being held back just enough that its just out of range to do it.