Watching Television


Watching television is a lot of noise. I can no longer able to watch it for hours on end, and not get effected by all of the sounds. The “shows” that are on the air aren’t of any interest to me except for 4 to 5 shows that I’m able to sit through.

With the quality of TV show that are on the air today is another reason that I don’t want to watch 99.8 % of Television. Along with the bull crap of talk shows tend to talk about, even though some content are just ratings grabbers. Which is why I don’t like talk show in the first place.

Even watching movies on DVDs or Netflix, I can no longer that I’m able to sit and watch through.

English: Sony DVD.
English: Sony DVD. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All I wanted to do when I was younger was to watch TV all the time, and say fuck you to homework and just about anything else that would get me out of the house back then. Now, in many ways, I’m paying the price of watching too much TV. One thing because of all the television watching is that I can’t sit still for extended periods of time; that I need to get up and move after about 10 minutes of time, maybe longer if I’m watching one of the show’s that I like to watch.

English: An analog TV showing noise, on a chan...
English: An analog TV showing noise, on a channel with no transmission. Suomi: “Lumisadetta” analogisen television tyhjällä kanavalla. Svenska: “Myrornas krig” i analog TV. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Even with smart phones, tablets, and to some degree with music; everything is becoming white noise. The culture of this planet has become way to dependent on technology over the 10 to 20 years.Though its a necessary evil to contend with for this interconnected planet of ours.

With the way I’m feeling towards TV and technology in general, I’m going to *try* to reduce all of this noise and distraction (including bull crap and drama) out of my life. Though, I hope things improve in my life soon, because thing’s are not looking to rosy at the moment. Things that I want to say at the moment I can’t put down as a writing word, and can’t be put in a conducive, concise and a synced manner.

Now, years later, I can understand what my mother said about the noise, and sound that was bugging her when the Television was on.

Even what’s playing on the radio, when I’m actually listing to the radio, happens to just noise to me now. Even though I would turn the radio on, (like the television), to hear (or see) what’s on; but nothing is coming out much that’s meaningful anymore. 99.8% of the stuff that on the air, is just garbage of some kind.

I miss the show that have some kind of meaning in them, obviously those days are over with.

Even the internet and the Web specifically has been with a lot noise. I knew it was, but just had a little “ah-ha!” moment just now. Even though I knew the web is and was filled with noise for some time. I just don’t want to deal with all of this noise anymore.

No wonder why I’ve picked up reading again, though, I’m taking my time to read the book’s that I got out of the library. The book’s that I own are in storage or those I have read already.


Under the Influence of Giants

… the group that is, reminds me of bands, sounds, and music from the 1970’s. Even though I’m barely old enough to remember the very late 70’s – well the last couple of years of the 70’s. By admiting that would probaly give you the general age of yours truly.

And the music video for this band also reminds me of those from that time too even though that there weren’t basic cable channel’s like MTV to show them yet.

The song/music video that has been playing on MTV/MTV2, VH1, and maybe Fuse too would help me in considering in buying the song singal (?spelling) or maybe the album from Under the Influence of Giants.

Then again I might not but who knows on when I would buy more music.

Later all…



I saw the series finale of Everwood tonight (on the WB network) and it sucks that it got canceled and it just happens that its one of the few shows that I make time to watch it. Seems like there could be a couple of more years of this show, but it seems that the show Everwood got canceled to early in the series and hoping that it would get renewed, and course it didn’t.

It just seems that the really, really good shows get canceled while some crapy shows get to stay on the networks – most of the time that is. Just hope that this show comes back in some fashion.