WordPress and Yahoo

Well, I’ve read about WordPress now being offered on Yahoo Small Business plans and it so happens that this site, and this blog is being hosted by Yahoo.

Stuff like this would generally does happen to me when I’ve almost or already decided on doing something like changing hosting providers which I’ve decided to do, but haven’t made up my mind what 2 host’s that I’m looking at now.

Granted I have no general problems with the hosting services that I have with Yahoo.

The reason is that I’m planning to switching, is in part because of the price and its to the point where I what to have more backend support like for htaccess – which to my knowledge Yahoo doesn’t support in any way.

Anyway, I might even would try out the new wordpress that is provided by Yahoo, though I have no plans of upgrading this blog to one that is provided by Yahoo intergrating all of my wordpress-powered blogs that I have into one big blog. Since I already intergrated my blogger.com accounts into this blog, I don’t want to go through the hassel of having this blog powerd by beta software while the offical release WordPress 2.0 is this coming Monday (12/26/05).

Though I will hold off upgrading to version after a bit of time and maybe after switching hosting providers too.


Another blog

Well I’ve got another blog. Granted I don’t need another blog, I’ve had a couple other hosted on my site, but I thought of giving wordpress.com a try. It’s interesting so far when I first logged in. I planning to use it as a backup to this blog and this site, but I’ll see how things go for a while.

I tend to find that wordpress is the easiest to use and maintain, granted I’ve had trouble with the database got currupted shortly after I imported my posting that I made using blogger.com, but hey things happen.