General Legal Policy

Content is copyright © 2005-2013 by Peter Smith. All I ask is if you want to use any of the content please contact me to ask for permission. For my legal policy on photographs shown on this site please look further down the page.

Comment/Contact Policy

All email address wont be sold, giving out to anyone under any conditions. Your email will only be used to reply if so requested by you.

All flames, hate full and spam type comments can and are deleted without a reply.

Photography & Video work

All Photography work shown on this site is © 1997 – 2013 Peter Smith – except where its noted with specific photographs that are on this site. Some of the photographs that I may have or already posted on this site were taken before this blog existed and that is the reason for the length (copyright) years posted above.

If you would like to use of the Photographs that I have on this site please contact me before using them. Please have a link to the site where the photographs might be used for, and an explanation for including any specific photographs..


Please check out the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy of this site.

This page could be expanded and updated at any time to show any and all changes that this site might thorough.

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